i-Detox Organic Hulled Quinoa (1lb)

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A highly nutritious food. Quinoa is a not a grain but a seed native to the Andes Mountains. It has been eaten for over 5000 years by those who live on in the Andes. It is a complete protein source - quality and quantity of protein in quinoa exceeds many other grains (e.g. barley, corn, oat, rice and wheat). Use quinoa to replace other grains, or add to soups and salads. Grind quinoa to make flour for your favourite raw cookie recipe.
Soak it overnight to eat it as a raw living food, or simply cook it like a grain. Suitable for gluten-free diet.


- A high quality protein source
- Gluten free, rich in iron, calcium, copper and potassium
- Low GI, manage blood glucose level
- More alkalizing than most other grains

Suggested Uses:
- Soak quinoa in a bowl for 4 to 8 hours to sprout it and enjoy it raw
- Alternatively, boil in water for half an hour to enjoy it cooked (more easily digested)
- Mix it into rice cooker and cook together with rice (great as congee too)
- Cook and chill the quinoa and mix in chopped veggies for a salad

Ingredients : Organic Hulled Quinoa