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Ombar Coco Mylk has all the same ingredients as Bio Live Coconut except this bar is even more creamier (and dreamier we think). The combination of coconut cream and caramel tasting coconut sugar is a sure winner. Of course it's Vegan friendly and as this bar is also enriched with healthy probiotic bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus), do you really need more of a reason to eat it? The general properties of probiotic are to maintain a healthy and balanced intestinal microbiota and reduce the incidence of intestinal infections, and is frequently recommended to prevent unbalanced intestinal microflora.

Organic ingredients: coconut sugar*, raw cacao*, creamed coconut (20%)*, cocoa butter*, ground vanilla pods*, Lactobacillus acidophilus. *certified organic. Cocoa solids 55% minimum.

Best enjoy before 20 May 2021

 - 有機 - 不含乳製品 - 不含麩質 - 不含精製糖 - 


益生菌有機生機可可椰奶味朱古力讓您以一個更健康的方式來吃朱古力。Ombar 朱古力使用厄瓜多爾的生機有機可可。生機可可不但含有多種不同口味,同時亦保留了更多會在焙燒過程中失去的抗氧化性能。

  • 使用有機椰子糖(低升糖指數)
  • 含有有機生機椰漿
  • 含有益生菌

材料:可可膏* ,椰子糖* ,椰漿* ( 20 % ) ,可可脂* ,研磨雲呢拿莢* ,凝結芽孢桿菌GBI - 30 6086 ( 0.34 % ), *有機認證。