Wholesale Member

  • Enjoy a 76% discount.
  • Becoming a member of Young Living does not require any conditions, neither distribute any products, nor regularly order a specified number of products, only need to pay a one-time application fee (that is, purchase any one starter kit, starting from HK$390) You can enjoy the discount.
  • Introducing others to join will have the opportunity to earn commissions (this is not mandatory, the introduction is purely personal decision. In fact, most of the people who become distribution members are to enjoy a 76% discount.)
  • Are eligible to participate in the basic incentive plan ( Essential Rewards Program), for more excellent benefits .

Retail Customer

  • The retail price must be paid when shopping.
  • There is no commission.
  • Can not participate in the basic incentive plan (Essential Rewards Program).
  • (You can choose to switch from retail customer to member at any time.)

(This product guide is for reference only, please consult Young Living for the latest product list and inventory.)

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Benefits of establishing a Young Living account with i-Detox*