5G Rayonator with 0.2 connection cable

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Pulse-modulated radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers or Bluetooth connections can be found almost everywhere in our highly technical world. Whether in the office or at home - unfortunately also in bedrooms and stables - we are often exposed to these fields throughout the day.

The new 5G standard for mobile network plays a very special role here, as almost 100 times as many antennas are required for 5G to work across the board.

Rayonex Biomedical GmbH has already carried out extensive investigations with Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt to find out which fundamental frequency values are particularly disturbed under the influence of 5G.

A total of eight fundamental frequency values could be detected. The new 5G Rayonator contains a total of 10 dipole antenna systems of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt. Eight of them refer to the found 5G fundamental frequency values, the other two are the fundamental frequency values 12.50 and 21.50.

The 5G Rayonator can be connected to a Duplex IV or a Duplex IV professional and can be used at home, in the office, in the practice or in a stable. The 5G Rayonator is also available with a grounding cable.

There are extremely interesting in-vitro studies on the dipole antenna system of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, i.e. examinations, the results of which were obtained under laboratory conditions. The studies can be viewed www.rayonex.de/our-service/scientific-research-and-knownledge.

Application: Place the 5G Rayonator in upright position next to a Duplex biofield forming device (Duplex III, Duplex IV or Duplex professional) and connect both devices with the 20 cm long connection cable included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, the 5G Rayonator can also be connected alone via a grounding cable.

Tip: The new Mini-Rayonex 5G is ideal as a mobile device for on the go.

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