Bali Sun Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (25ml)

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Bali Sun Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Baby Size 25ml). Cold processed, without chemicals. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest cooking oil but can be enjoyed raw for its numerous health benefits (energy, fat-burning, antimicrobial effects). Can be used as lip balm or skin moisturizer. 

- Contains antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial fatty acids
- May improve digestion/absorption of fat-soluble nutrients
- May improve utilization of blood sugar (can lesson hypoglycemia symptoms)
- May improve calcium and magnesium absorption
- Supports healthy hormone production
- A precursor to the anti-aging hormone pregnenolone
- May enhance thyroid function, which can normalize weight
- May stimulate fat-burning as it cannot be stored
- Can displace toxic hydrogenated trans-fatty acids
- Restores natural saturated fat levels to the skin and other tissues
- Saturated fats are vital for the health of growing nervous systems in children
- Supports cardiovascular health
- Supports healthy cholesterol formation in the liver

Suggested Uses:
- Use together with or alternate with flax oil for enhanced utilization, e.g. use both in a smoothie
- Coconut oil is the one of the healthiest oil to use in cooking
- Use topically as lip balm, skin moisturizer, make-up remover, hair conditioner, and on bites, cuts, skin irritations, burns, and abrasions
- A great alternative to butter and shortening in dessert recipes
- Spread some on crackers/toast instead of butter
- Eat by the spoonful for instant energy, e.g. during a hike

Ingredient: Virgin coconut oil