Birchall Great Rift Decaf Tea (15 teabags) | Birchall 有機無咖啡因紅茶 (15茶包裝)

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Our Great Rift Decaf is a decaffeinated breakfast tea, expertly blended by the fifth generation of Birchall Graham’s family. In order to produce a cup of tea that is caffeine free, but bright and full of flavour, we have expertly sourced the finest selection of estate grown teas from across East Africa and the Great Rift Valley.


Our pursuit of quality ensures that all our tea leaves are hand plucked before they are carefully decaffeinated and this gives Birchall Great Rift Decaf its exceptional brightness, golden colour and strong refreshing taste. It really is perfection to a tea and we look forward to you enjoying it as much as we do.


Birchall 的有機無咖啡因紅茶由 Birchall Graham 家族第五代傳人所混合。為了調出一杯沒有咖啡因而同時風味濃郁的紅茶,我們的專家從東非和非洲大裂谷的茶園採購品質最佳的茶葉。