Coconut Secret™ Raw Coconut Nectar (12 fl. oz)

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The Coconut Secret Story...

When my parents suddenly became diabetic, my brother and I were deeply inspired to search the world for a pure, raw, truly delicious, low glycemic sweetener. We were rewarded and blessed beyond our expectations, in our discovery of the traditional sweetener made from the sap of the wondrous coconut tree. You are now holding in your hands, the fruits of our long journey. It is our joy to be able to share with you the gifts of these exceptional ingredients. 


- Natural sweetener exuded from the coconut blossoms
- Glycemic index = 35
- Raw and enzymatically alive product
- No coconut flavour


Suggested Uses:
Ideal sweetener for use on pancakes, over cereal, in tea and all your favorite dessert recipes

Ingredients: Organic coconut sap nectar