Rayonex Duplex IV

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Our Solutions for Geopathic Burdens and Electro-Magnetic Pollution

Based on the principles of bioresonance, it is found that while we are weakened by long-term exposure to geopathic stresses and man-made electromagnetic fields, there are selected frequencies that provide a strengthening, compensatory effect.

These frequencies are integrated into a dipole antenna system within the Duplex IV and the Rayonators, which perpetually emit beneficial energy that strengthens our cells and organs. The Duplex IV particularly strengthens us against geopathic stresses from underground water veins, fault lines and global grids.

When connected to the E-smog and HF Rayonators (which have an effective radius of only 2 metres), the Duplex IV amplifies the emission range of the rayonators and together they provide us with greater protection against electromagnetic radiation.

Due to its unique design, the Duplex IV has a vast coverage (exact area varies with environmental factors) and is generally adequate for most Hong Kong homes. It should be placed on the floor or the lower level of any duplex flats or houses as the frequencies rise upwards to a height of 8 metres. The Duplex set is ideally placed in the bedroom so that we can lower our exposure to the electromagnetic and geological influences as much as possible during rest, when repairs take place within the body.

Like other Rayonex biofield forming devices, the Duplex set is hand-made in Germany under the strictest quality control.

No electricity is required for its use and cleaning by a moist cloth is sufficient to prevent accumulation of dust, dirt and static. As long as the shell is not broken and the antennae inside are not loosened (so that a noise can be heard), the Duplex can function permanently.