BOOK : Essential Oils Desk Reference

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No one knows when the aromatic essences of certain trees and plants began to be cherished.  Their ability to comfort as well as heal ailments predates recorded history. Within the pages of this book lie the gifts of knowledge.  You can learn how and why pure essential oils share their powerful life force in ways that support and maintain our health.

This comprehensive book includes the science and history of essential oils, individual oil properties, suggested application methods and techniques as well as personal usage guide for specific symptoms.

Special 5th Edition: This brand new edition of the Essential Oils Desk References with spiral-bound format is designed to help you access the information you need quickly and effectively. This edition also presents brand new updated content and information including chapters on Safety, Applications, Raindrop Technique, Vita Flex, Emotional Response, a complete Singles chapter, and for the first time the complete Blended Oils chapter with photos.

Author: Gary Young, Life Science Publishing, 710 pages, 6.6 LB