Go Raw Sprouted Cookies - Ginger Snap (85g)

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Made without any added sugar, oils, flour or animal products of any kind, these little bites manage to satisfy those cravings and can be highly addictive! Treat your sweet tooth with something your whole body will thank you for.

- Nut free and Gluten-free
- Rich in antioxidants and low in sodium 
- Rich in essential fatty acids: may lower cholesterol & help to reduce risk of heart disease, relieves inflammation, supports healthy nervous system and hormone regulated functions 
- High protein and fiber - which can promote healthy bowel movement
- Good source of vitamin E, maintains good skin
- Natural date to provide sweet flavor

Suggested Uses:
- Great snack on their own
- Try them with coconut butter for a healthy treat
- Try with your favorite nut butter or spread
- Do drink water as this is dehydrated and nutrient-dense food

Ingredients : Organic Coconut (Unsulphured), Sprouted Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Dates,Organic Ginger