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how it works:

The first device created by the ANMEZ™ team will allow consumers to perform an express check of fruits and vegetables for contaminants, food for additives (90 percent of which are nitrates and the rest – sulfates, chlorides, sulfides and other salts) and detecting overripeness and rotting.

The device is called “Greentest” and it’s the first in the line of portable compact “G”- personal safety devices. The functionality was made as easy as possible to simplify usage for people of all age groups. The core users will surely be people leading a healthy lifestyle

We think the device is a must for:
- vegetarians and vegans, as they consume more fruits and vegetables than other people
- pregnant and nursing women who need to protect themselves and the baby from possible poisonings
- people who are allergic to nitrates and nitrites
- caring parents that want to control the level of contaminants consumed by their children
- people who buy the expensive organic fruits and vegetables and need a quality verification of the product due to a large number of frauds using “organic” labels and an according package for, in our opinion, an unjustifying increase of the price of their product.

The operating principle of the “Greentest” device, developed by ANMEZ, is measuring the electrical conductivity of the fruit tissue and comparing it with the base. A significant rise above the base value indicates the presence of harmful ions in increased concentrations. These ions are absorbed from the soil by fruits following an incorrect agricultural of the soil and increased fertilizer usage. In China, for example, the consumption of fruits and vegetables is now tens of times bigger than 15 years ago, which is of the reasons for agricultural producers overusing chemical fertilizers and overlooking consumer health standards while striving for profit. There are of course responsible producers and the “Greentest” device actually makes it possible to single out high-quality products from the large amount of brands out there.