Health Seeker's Kitchen Nut Milk Bag| Health Seeker's Kitchen果仁奶過濾袋/發芽袋

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A one gallon (3.8L) high quality nut milk bag by the Health Seeker's Kitchen to make delicious nut, seed and rice milks to replace dairy. Strong extra-fine mesh filters nut milks and nut seeds to an extra creamy and smooth texture. It is easy to use - simply hang to dry. Click Here for our recipe of Nutritious Dairy-Free "Mylk"!



Health Seeker’s Kitchen出品的一加侖3.8升高品質果仁奶過濾袋,能做出能代替乳製品的美味果仁種子奶或米漿特細的過濾網格使果仁奶及種子變得細軟幼滑產品易於使用- 只需用後掛起晾乾