Innate Baby & Me™ Multivitamin (60 tabs)

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#lang1:Baby & Me Trimester I & II is a comprehensive foundational formula crafted exclusively from 100% whole food nutrients, designed specifically for use prior to and throughout pregnancy. Carefully formulated, this herb-free formula meets the special challenges of prenatal nutrition support with a combination of select nutrient-dense whole foods. Iron is an important mineral for pregnant women with which to supplement, but regular forms of iron have been implicated in contributing to discomfort; Innate solves this by supplying iron from True Active FoodState, which is not only gentle on the stomach, but also non-binding. This formula is well-tolerated by women experiencing nausea, and suggested use fulfills 100% of the daily value of key nutrients with 800 mcg of folate and with 18 mg of iron. 


- Comprehensive foundational formula crafted exclusively from 100% whole food nutrients, which is better utilized by your body compared to the conventional one
- Helps to tone and relax the nervous system
- Easy to digest and does not cause constipation
- Provides balanced nutritional support for pregnancy

Suggested Uses:
4 tablets daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner


 ● NEW Formulation: 2-in-1 Formul a , suitable for both pregnant and lactating women
● FoodState® Nutrients : Vitamins and minerals naturally extracted from real
vegetables and fruits
● Better absorption and work better without upsetting your tummy
● Natural and Safe vitamin A - consist of naturally mixed carotenoids
● 5-MTHF form from Broccoli Extracts - More bioavailable form of folate
● Methylcobalamin - More bioavailable form of Vitamin B12
● Active™ FoodState® form of Iron - do not cause nausea or constipation
● Enhanced vitamin profile for daily immune and nutrition support
● Newly-added Choline - for healthy Fetal brain and spinal cord development
● Purity Promise : Free of gluten, soy, dairy, Magnesium Stereate. Suitable for
Vegetarian and Kosher. Non GMO.

Ingredients: Saccromyces Cerevisiae (probiotic yeast extract containing bio-transformed nutrients), Phenolic Fruit Concentrate(orange, Blueberry and Cranberry), Brown Rice Concentrate, Vegetable Lubricant, Rice Bran, Broccoli Concentrate, Silicon Dioxide(E551), Carrot Concentrate, Vegetable Cellulose (E460), Cabbage Concentrate, and Lycopene




寶寶與我懷孕期1&2 為全面基礎配方百分百全食品營養專為準備懷孕和懷孕期間的婦女而設產品經精心調配不含草藥成分由精選天然全食物調配而成為女性提供懷孕期間所需豐富營養 鐵質是孕婦一種重要礦物質但正常的鐵質卻較難吸收Innate True Active FoodState提供鐵質解決了這個問題令鐵質易於消化和吸收懷孕期間孕婦容易出現噁心但她們皆能接受Innate Response配方若按建議用量服用能以800微克的葉酸和18毫克的鐵質為孕婦提供每日所需的全部主要營養



 - 全面基礎配方百分百全食物營養相較傳統配方身體更能吸收

 - 有助放鬆神經系統

 - 容易消化不會導致便秘

 - 為懷孕期間提供均衡營養