Nikken PiMag Water System Counter Top Filter

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The PiMag® Deluxe Countertop Water System features the same advanced filtration and PiMag® technology as the PiMag® Deluxe Under Counter Water System with the same results: superior filtration that reduces more than 30 recognized contaminants, and an instant supply of PiMag® water. The design of the PiMag® Deluxe Countertop Water System allows you to attach it in minutes to a faucet, for instant PiMag® water on demand. No plumbing modifications are required, yet you're able to enjoy the advantages of PiMag® water right from the tap. Product features:
- Advanced, superior filtration technology
- Instant PiMag water right at the sink
- Operates using ordinary water pressure
- Primary and secondary prefilter technology
- Activated carbon filter
- Pi ceramic material
- Magnetic technology Please allow ample time for delivery