Ombar, Organic Lemon & Green Tea Chocolate (35g)

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A daring blend of Matcha green tea and tangy lemon. No doubt about this flavour - it is bold and zingy, with citrus flavour and green tea and cocoa undertones.

Matcha green tea is one of the finest of all green teas; it is certainly the most nutritious. The bright, almost luminous green colour of the leaves indicate the powerful antioxidant properties of the tea. This is achieved by reducing the light available to the plant whilst it is growing. The leaves then produce extra chlorophyll resulting in their bright green appearance. These leaves are slowly dried and then powdered before being added to this chocolate bar.

The lemon is also dried at low temperatures. The powder added to the chocolate contains the whole lemon - peel and all - resulting in the striking citrus flavours in this bar.

Organic ingredients: raw cacao*, coconut sugar*, cocoa butter*, lemon powder (3.3%)*, green tea matcha (2%)*, lemon oil (0.04%)*. *certified organic. Cocoa solids 60% minimum.

Nutritional Information (Per 35g Bar): Energy 851kj (205kcal), Fat 15g, of which saturates 9.4g, Carbohydrates 15g, of which sugars 9.8g, Protein 2.7g, Salt 0g.

*May contain traces of nuts. All Ombar products are vegan and free of dairy and refined sugar.

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