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Quinoa and Canihua are plants original to the Andean region of Peru. These grains have been consumed since ancient times for their high content of protein, fibre and minerals among their wide array of nutrients. This combination provides a nutrient dense meal. Peruviant Harvest's Quinoa and Canihua Flakes are made from selected raw quinoa and Canihua grain,100% clean guaranteed with our unique process that ensures that no saponin, dirt and other foreign materials are present within the product while maintaining its nutrients intact.

Food Preparation

The best alternative for your breakfast rolled oats. They can consumed in the same way, with a higher nutritional array together with its incredible taste. They may be used in many food preparations soup bases and sauces, or even sprinkled as salad topping.


Let your imagination run wild and use these incredible flakes to create tasty and nutritious treats.

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Quinoa Grain, Canihua Grain