pHit Body Rebalance Cleansing Solution (480ml)| pHit 平衡身體潔淨液 (480毫升)

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pHit brand Daily ReBalancing Concentrated Cleanse (Soap base), made without harsh chemicals.

pHit products are 100% pure and natural, and are harmless if ingested. All pHit products carry a powerful 'electro-negative charge', which assists in eliminating 'positive charge' heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, parasites and other microorganisms. The solutions neutralize chemicals and electromagnetic radiation bombardment from our environment, yet gentle enough for baby skin and skin allergies.   

- Made without harsh chemicals
- Multi-purpose product -- can replace many products in your bathroom/kitchen

- Dilute to desired concentration's for use as shower gel, shampoo, handwash, laundry soap, bubble bath

- Can be mixed with water, the Daily ReBalancing Water Solution (and if a moisturizing effect is required, e.g. for shower gel, add some Daily Cell Nourisher lotion, too)


Ingredients: Energized oxygenated water, calcium, potassium , magnesium, ash of coconut shell solution, vegetable (seaweed) gum, foaming agent (coconut extract).




pHit 的產品是100%純淨及天然,而且誤服也無害。所有pHit產品都附有一種強勁的「負電荷」、能幫助去除重金屬的「正電荷」、化學物、毒素、寄生蟲及其他微生物。pHit的各種液體能中和我們身邊的化學物及電磁輻射侵害,同時仍溫和得適合嬰兒皮膚及敏感皮膚使用。







- 稀釋至理想的濃度作為洗澡啫喱、洗頭水、洗手液、洗衣肥皂、泡泡浴

- 可以混和水、或日常身體平衡水液 (而假如需有補濕效果,例如:使用作沐浴露時,加點日常細胞滋養液也可)


成份:激活過的充氧水、鈣質、鉀、鎂、椰子殼液的粉、植物膠 (海藻)、起泡劑(椰子提取物)