pHit Cell Recharger Gel (250ml)

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pHit brand Daily Cell Recharger (gel), made without harsh chemicals (250ml)

pHit products are 100% pure and natural, and are harmless if ingested. All pHit products carry a powerful 'electro-negative charge', which assists in eliminating 'positive charge' heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, parasites and other microorganisms. The solutions reduces acidity, neutralize chemicals and electromagnetic radiation bombardment from our environment, yet gentle enough for baby skin and skin allergies.  

- supports skin, hair and teeth-related problems
- lifts and firms skin, and shrinks pores
- reduces muscle stiffness 

Suggested Uses:
- apply topically for all skin conditions, burns/cuts/bruises, muscle pains
- apply after workout for better recovery
- apply to sooth tired muscles and reduce water retention
- can be used for body massage -- alone, or with essential oils
- apply under moisturizer on face/body
- use as sun protection
- use as barrier protection against pollutants and germs
- can be mixed with Cleansing Solution to make a toothpaste


Ingredients: Energized oxygenated water, calcium potassium, magnesium, ash of coconut shell solution in a base of biodegradable gel.