Probion Probiotics - Clinica|ProBion 治療益生菌

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ProBion clinica is best for those have long-term digestive disorders or after the application of antibiotics and other drugs.

If you experience a speedy and loose digestion or a slow, sensitive or constipated digestion, you can choose alternatives as ProBion active, basic or daily respectively.

ProBion clinica contains viable lactic acid cultures 10 billions bacteria/tablet of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis and Inulin, Xanthan and vegetable magnesium stearate. 

  • DO NOT NEED TO BE REFRIGERATED (Great for travelling) 
  • A unique tablet with a sustained quality and prolonged shelf life
  • Free from lactose (Cultivated without any supplement of milk or soya)

Unique quality standards

ProBion clinica is analysed using Flow Cytometric Fluorescence technique. Normally there are about 80 % viable and non-damaged bacteria with a guarantee of more than 50 % viable bacteria.



Start with 1 tablet per day the first week. Then gradually increase the dose to 1-2 tablets twice clinica. In times of disorders double or triple the dose. Administrate the tablets together with food. Initially when starting to take ProBion clinica you may experience loose stools or slight constipation and gases. This is just the body’s way to “clean and purge” the system.  These disorders normally disappear within 1-2 weeks.

ProBion clinica can be stored 24 months at room temperature or in refrigerator.

Keep out of heat and humidity.

ProBion clinica 消化狀況長期失調或服過抗生素等藥物後適用


假如你的消化過快、過於鬆軟、緩慢、敏感或便祕,你可相對地選擇其他產品: ProBion 活躍益生菌、基本益生菌或治療益生菌。




• 無需雪藏(旅行極佳)

• 獨特劑片,擁有持久質素及長久存放期

• 無乳糖(無添加任何牛奶或大豆培植)



ProBion 治療益生菌是使用流式細胞螢光技術檢測的。一般有大約80%存活及未損壞的益菌,而保證有超過50%都是存活的益菌。





ProBion 治療益生菌於室溫或雪櫃可存放24個月。