Rayonex® Duplex IV Tower

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Just as the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates the production of Vitamin D and melatonin and causes pigmentation, there are countless other frequencies that trigger regulatory mechanisms in organisms. Based on the principles of bioresonance, it is found that long-term exposure to geopathic stresses causes energy deficits.  But there are fundamental frequency values that provide a strengthening, compensatory effect. These values have been integrated into dipole antenna systems within the Duplex IV, and they can strengthen us to geopathic stress within a large area.  It is believed energy emitted from the earth's surface which affects the normal functioning of organisms causes geopathic stress.

The Duplex IV particularly strengthens us to geopathic fields from underground water veins, fault lines, and global grids.  Water veins and geological fault fields occur when rocks face tectonic stresses and break along fault lines, causing radiation from deep within the earth to come up to the surface.  Underground water may flow through these rocks and faults and generate electromagnetic fields with increased levels of radiation.  In addition to these fields, there are global grid fields that are less understood but have been observed to have negative effects on our health. 

Due to its unique design, the Duplex IV has vast coverage (the exact area varies with environmental factors) and is generally adequate for most Hong Kong homes. When connected to Rayonators (E-smog, HF, 5G, Chakra, Benker), it amplifies the emission range of the Rayonators as well.  The Duplex IV should be placed, together with any Rayonators, on the floor or the lower level of any duplex flats or houses as the frequencies rise upwards to a height of 8 meters. It may be placed near or in the bedroom to balance any negative influences during rest when repair is most active within the body.

The Duplex IV is not powered by electricity. No maintenance is required. It should be cleaned with a moist cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and static. It can be used continuously provided it is not broken causing a loosening of the dipole antennas inside.

Weight: 2.7 kg; height: 50 cm