Seven-Chakra Aromatic Private Dinner with Chef Tina Barrat

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When: January 18th (Friday) 2019 7pm onwards

Why we organise this dinner?

We appreciate good food and good company. As a few past guests have said, they really appreciated not just Chef Tina’s creations but also having genuine conversations. Imagine no one was checking on their phone at this dinner (except using their phone to take pictures). Everyone was engaged with each other and with the experience of the great food!

Why we love Chef Tina?

Chef Tina Barrat is a Raw Vegan food master creative. 

“I am from South of France and I grew up with my grand parents. My grandma used to make medicine out of herbs when I was sick so for me and it was normal and natural to use herbs in the kitchen (and food is medicine in our kitchen). To me using pure essential oil as medicine and is quite natural, especially given being used to seeing pure essential oils in pharmacies back home.

When I started experimental essential oil in food preparation, I found out that Young Living essential oils are authentic and are a lot more potent than other ones I’ve tried.

Using essential oils to enhance flavour extend the food to higher level of frequencies and enjoyment. I hope you enjoy my creation as much as I enjoy creating them.”

Chef Tina was last with Maya Cafe, a well known vegan cafe in Hong Kong.


*Seven courses *
matching color and essential oils to enhance each Chakras

C stands for cooked & R stands for raw, all Plant-based

PURPLE  c r o w n . _Spikenard oil _Red cabbage soup -herbs-flowers C
VIOLET  t h i r d e y e . _Rosemary oil _ beetroot carpaccio pickled-micro purple -berry vinaigrette R
BLUE  t h r o a t . _Chamomile oil_  E3 live pate and mousse R
GREEN h e a r t . _Basil oil _+ spinach gnocchi + pecan pesto +arugula + “Roasted scallops” C
YELLOW  s o l a r .  Cheezes – figs-Apple-chutney + juniper oil + _grapefruit oil _ +goat cheeze + aged Gouda + crakers R
ORANGE  s a c r a l . Orange oil+ Bergamot oil _fennel oil _Carrotcake-cream-ginger-Lemon-orange R
RED r o o t . Frankinsence oil _ Rawchocolate minitart + _cinnamonoil-truffle R

*All essential oils used are Young Living pure and authentic essential oils and FDA approved for internal consumption
* Fresh produce used are organic supplied by EAT FRESH
Mocktail and Warm Ginger tea are to be served 

Where: iLiving/ i-Detox (new) centre

*Gathering at 7pm*

Dinner starts at 7:30pm, end at around 10:00-10:30pm

Energy Exchange:

EARLY BIRD (until 8th January 2019) HK$780

Regular Price: HK$820

We expect this special event to fill very soon as private dinners with Chef Tina usually do. And there are fewer than 18 spots total.