BU Health Spleen Strengthening Formula (10sachets)

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This spleen-strengthening herbal product helps the body to adjust to the humid weather in spring and summer of Hong Kong. It is good for people who experience fatigue, poor appetite, sluggish digestion or dampness. The spleen in Traditional Chinese Medicine is associated with water balance, nutrient utilisation, muscle tone and hormone health. It is in the earth element and is important in production of qi and blood. 

Each box contains 10 sachets, net 10g/sachet, net 100g/box 

- Reduces dampness and swelling
- Strengthens the spleen
- Improves and balances appetite
- Reduces fatigue
- May regulates menstruation

Suggested Uses:
- Dissolve one sachet in 150ml hot water
- Adult 1-3 times daily, 1 sachet each time
- Child (aged 6-12) 1-3 times daily, half sachet each time

Ingredients : Each 10 g of granule contains herbal extract 5.00g (equivalent to raw herbs Hordei Fructus Germinatus 1.76g, Poria Coicis Semen. 1.58g, Vignae Semen 1.05g. Pogostermonis Herba 1.05g, Nelumbinis Follium 1.05 g, Lablab Semen Album 1.76g, etc.) and Maltodextrin 5.00g.