YL Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection|YL 日常精油 套裝

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The oils in this select collection will provide ongoing support for your home, health and body. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender and Peace & Calming, the cleansing power of Thieves and Purification, the comforting touch of Valor and PanAway.

The new Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection now includes 10 oils!
1 - 5 ml Frankincense
1 - 5 ml Lemon
1 - 5 ml Lavender
1 - 5 ml Peppermint
1 - 5 ml Purification
1 - 5 ml Panaway
1 - 5 ml Peace & Calming
1 - 5 ml Thieves
1 - 5 ml Valor
1 - 5ml  Joy

Frankincense: For topical use. 

Lemon: For aromatic or topical use.

Lavender: For aromatic or topical use.

Peppermint: For aromatic, or topical use.

Purification: For topical or aromatic use. Diffuse, apply topically on location as needed, or put on cotton balls to place in air vents of home, car, hotel room and office. Diffuse and rub on feet for cleansing.

PanAway: For aromatic use. Apply to the bottoms of feet and follow with topical application on location. Rub on temples, back of neck, or forehead, or inhale for a soothing effect. Use with a warm compress along the spine.

Peace & Calming: For aromatic use. Diffuse in bedrooms, living areas and office. Apply to sole of feet to calm down before bedtime, for both adults and children.

Joy: For aromatic use. Diffuse in bedrooms, living areas and office. Apply to wrists as perfume. 

Please refer to individual oils for detailed descriptions.

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#lang2: 日常精油套裝含有10種不同的精油。這套裝能促進一個健康體質。 享受薰衣草精油及Peace & Calming複方精油帶來的舒緩功效;盜賊精油及Purification複方精油的潔淨效果;以及Valor複方精油和PanAway複方精油的安心功效。

1 瓶薰衣草精油(5毫升)
1 瓶乳香精油(5毫升)
1 瓶薄荷精油(5毫升)
1 瓶盗賊精油(5毫升)
1 瓶乳香精油(5毫升)
1 瓶檸檬精油(5毫升)
1 瓶 Valor 精油(5 毫升)
1 瓶 PanAway 精油(5 毫升)
1 瓶 Peace & Calming 精油(5 毫升)
1 瓶 Purification 精油(5 毫升)
1 本日常精油宣傳冊(中文)