YL Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection

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Raindrop Technique® combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body. This collection provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony to the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Contains: Seven Single Oils (5ml bottles): Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress and Marjoram. Two Oil Blends (5ml bottles): Valor® & Aroma Seiz™. Also contains one 8-oz. bottle of Ortho Ease® Aromatherapy Massage Oil and one 8-oz. V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex.

The Raindrop collection also includes an instructional DVD and mini brochure that teach you how to perform the Raindrop Technique® on others.

1. Helps reduce pain: 
 - AROMA SIEZ: Calming, relaxing and relieves tension.
2. Helps reduce inflammation:
 - WINTERGREEN: Cortisone-like effect and analgesic properties
3. Helps improve circulation:
 - CYPRESS:  Supportive of the circulatory and lymphatic systems
4. Helps prevent the bacterial and viral causes of spinal misalignment including scoliosis and kyphosis:
 - VALOR:  Stimulates spinal re-alignment and positively affects the limbic system
5. Helps relieve stress:
 - BASIL:  Relaxing to both voluntary and involuntary muscles
6. Helps improve immune function:
 - THYME:  Antiseptic supportive of the body's natural defenses
 - OREGANO:  Antimicrobial and cleanses cellular receptor sites
7. Facilitates the release of pent up negative emotions:
 - MARJORAM:  Soothing to nerves, used for migraines
 - PEPPERMINT:  Improves concentration and mental retention and upports the digestive system and detoxifies the liver


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#lang2: YL Raindrop 技術精油系列

Raindrop Technique®集合芳香治療的藝術及Vita Flex的足療技術,應用於按摩精油在各身體部位 。於生理上、精神上及情緒上,這系列提供一個革命性的方法去帶給身體平衡及和諧。

7樽單方精油 (5毫升樽):百里香、羅勒、薄荷、牛至、冬青、柏樹、墨角蘭。
兩樽複方精油(5毫升樽):Valor® & Aroma Seiz™。
也包括了1樽8安士Ortho Ease® 芳香治療按摩精油及1樽8安士V-6™ 增強版複方植物油。

Raindrop 系列也包括了一張教學 DVD 及迷你小冊子,教導你如何在其他人身上使用 Raindrop Technique® 。

1. 幫助減輕痛楚:
-AROMA SIEZ:鎮靜、放鬆及舒緩緊張
2. 幫助減輕發炎:
3. 幫助改善循環:
-柏樹: 支援循環及淋巴系統
4. 幫助避免因細菌及病毒引起的脊柱錯位,包括脊柱側凸及駝背
-VALOR : 促進脊柱重新排列及正面地影響邊緣系統
5. 幫助舒緩壓力:
-羅勒: 對隨意肌及非隨意肌有放鬆效果
6. 幫助改善免疫功能:
7. 有助釋放壓抑的負面情緒
-墨角蘭: 鬆弛神經,用於偏頭痛