Travel and Summer Essentials| 旅遊及夏季必需品

Anita Cheung


Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!


Coconut Water

Coconut water quenches thirst because it is rich in electrolytes.

Too busy to crack a young coconut?  Try Jax Coco Coconut Water!

It comes in 1 liter size and pack of 6 which is great for on-the-go lifestyle.  

Great as smoothie base too!

Did you know it supports healthy gut flora too?  Travel Safe!



 Maintain your immunity and digestive health especially while travelling, in times of stress or on a high raw diet.  Click here>>>

Essential Oil

Adapt to change of time zones (yes JET LAG is optional!)...

Natural sun burn, bug bite protection, overcome digestive upsets, recover from injury... 

Pure therapeutic quality essential oils can be nature's most powerful medicine...(And they are very portable!)



Lavender oil

Topical: burns, bruises, skin rashes, sun protection, bug bites (The purity of this product makes it safe to apply even on open wound to speed up healing)

Inhalation or topical: promotes relaxation

<Mix into coconut oil or avocado oil to make a natural sun screen!>

Click here>>>



Peppermint Oil

Topical: Stomach upset, travel sickness, muscle pain, disinfectant

Inhalation or topical: recover from jet lag, improve concentration (great for exam time!)

Internal: a drop in water makes it a refreshing digestive beverage

Click here>>>

(May need dilution for topical use - this baby size coconut oil may come in handy)


Ningxia Red(portable, energy boosting and jet lag busting)

Whole puree goji berries, juice of blueberries, pomegranate, therapeutic essential oils

Low GI, highly anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic

("Adaptogens" increase our body's stress resilience and has an overall balancing effect on our metabolism.)

Helps body to adapt to different time zones, blood sugar balancing and energizing juice supplement (one pouch gives antioxidants of over 1600 blueberries)

Provides real energy boost (not like caffeine which is harmful to the adrenals)

<The best sun protection is high anti-oxidant level in your body!  Eat your fresh vegetables and fruits too!>

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補水! 補水! 補水!




沒時間打開一個生椰子? 試一試Jax Coco 椰子水










Pure therapeutic quality essential oils can be nature's most powerful medicine...(And they are very portable!)


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